Our Guidelines

Popular Pays inspires the creation of beautiful content by connecting brands with Creators.

Creator Code of Conduct:

Do Copyrights Right

Share with care. Only share photos or videos that you’ve taken or have the rights to post- this includes branded logos. It’s your responsibility to obtain photo release consent from any models who appear in your pictures, ensuring they understand how their image may be used. If a minor is photographed, you must obtain consent from their legal guardian.

Be Real With Us

Don’t participate in schemes to drive-up non-genuine follows, likes, or comments. Any attempt to gain followers, likes, or comments through non-organic means will result in an automatic suspension.

Keep it Cute/Put It On Mute

You’ve got to know when to put on your businessperson pantsuit and get professional. What happens on our platform is ultimately a business transaction. Your mentions of Pop Pays or a brand partner elsewhere should reflect that.

Gig Expectations:

At the end of every Gig, you’ll be given a rating. Brands will consider this rating when selecting Creators for their campaigns. Keep these expectations in mind, and help your rating stay stellar. Ignoring any of these might result in a suspension from the platform.

Posting on Time

Timelines help keep everyone on track. Ensure that you’re doing your part to adhere to the timelines outlined in the brief. We know life happens: phones go swimming, apps go rogue. If something cataclysmic comes between you and your timeline, let us know.

Receiving Product

Typically brands will gift you with product to shoot in order to complete the gig. After receiving product, all parts of the brief need to be completed within the agreed-upon timeline. If for some reason you can’t complete the gig, it’s your responsibility to make sure the product returns to the brand safe and sound. We’re not responsible for products that arrive/return banged-up, bungled-up, or generally smooshed.

Using Appropriate Language

Captions should respect the brand you’re partnering with and reflect your level of professionalism by using appropriate language. Happy brands = more great gigs for everyone in the future.

Ensuring Picture Quality

A brand fell in love with your feed for a reason. The look of your feed aligns with the look they want in a campaign. Photos submitted for payment must reflect the quality of the rest of your feed.

Deleting Posts

Make sure to note requirements in the brief regarding when it’s acceptable to delete any sponsored posts from your feed. Don’t ghost a post on us.

Mutual Respect

You only get one shot at making a great first impression. If you’re spreading the PopPays good word, or mentioning a brand you’re partnering with, please only tag us/them in content that’s up to snuff.