Case Studies

Check out how we've helped brands of all sizes scale their content creation and influencer marketing efforts.

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How Roti used creators for Snapchat content
How Delta Airlines used influencers to launch a website
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How Method repurposed creator content for their owned brand channels
How KIND coordinated 70 influencer posts to go live on the same day
How Method generated awareness for a new product with influencers
How Chameleon Cold-Brew Uses influencers as an always on strategy
How Samsung activated international brand ambassadors for a product launch
How Adidas used creators to showcase different product experiences
How Dyson quickly created pins for A/B testing
How Dunkin' Donuts used creator content to announce a new brand partnership
How Dyson created Pinterest pins in under a week
How M&M's Used software to scale their content creation
How TCF Bank repurposed existing assets for paid
How CEHE refreshed their existing creative assets with Pop Pays
How Duck Camp edited long-form videos into mobile friendly assets
How Airweave repurposed content for a direct response campaign
How OurPact created mobile-optimized content with Pop Pays
How Kettle & Fire used Popular Pays to test video ads of differing lengths
How Mother Raw is building their brand with creators and software
How Method used ASMR creators to innovate their brand
How UnitedHealthcare "Do. Good. Live. Well" saved time with software
How JennAir Activated influencers for a live event
How Frito-Lay created a TV commercial during COVID-19
How Olly creates content for their owned channels, and lots of it
How Olly Tested TikTok
How Vinebox Creates Custom Content
How BetterHelp Scaled Their Influencer Work With Popular Pays
How Kraft Heinz used Influencers to enhance perceptions of My Food and Family
How Liist supercharged app downloads with TikTok
How LesserEvil pairs Influencer Marketing with Shopify to Track Online Sales
Scaling content and driving awareness with UGC