How The Motion Agency helps brands create better ROI with Popular Pays

How The Motion Agency helps brands create better ROI with Popular Pays

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Motion is an independently-owned, results-driven agency that helps their clients with everything from brand strategy, creative and digital marketing, to PR. 

The Problem 

These days, influencer marketing is an essential component of any brand’s marketing strategy. This means that for agencies, such as Motion, clients are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to launch influencer campaigns that make an impact. 

Motion’s VP of Social Media, Zachary Walker, has over 10 years of experience in the field and knows that creating and executing influencer campaigns takes a lot of time-consuming, manual work. He was looking for a solution that would cater to all of Motion’s clients, bringing them the results they were looking for, while helping his team make it happen in a timely manner. 

The Solution 

That’s where Popular Pays comes in. Popular Pays is especially useful for agencies, as their clients are able to take part in every step of the campaign process. The brands who work with Motion are able to review influencer created content the second it comes in, and provide immediate feedback, allowing for a much more efficient process.
On the agency side of things, Popular Pays features tools such as influencer identification and vetting that allows the agency to find the best influencers for their clients. What exactly does this mean? Motion can do a deep dive into influencers’ demographics, ensuring they pick the right influencers that will best resonate with their clients’ audiences, resulting in impactful campaigns. 


In 2023, Motion launched 11 influencer marketing campaigns with Popular Pays, resulting in a total of 113 assets created that brands could repurpose across a variety of platforms and use cases, furthering their clients’ ROI. As a result of the collaboration with Popular Pays, Motion is confident that they can handle any client request that comes their way, offering campaigns that are not only focused on strategy, but also rooted in best practices.

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