How UnitedHealthcare "Do. Good. Live. Well" saved time with software

Do Good. Live Well. Is UnitedHealthcare’s employee volunteer initiative aimed at decreasing hunger and obesity, inspiring service and encouraging volunteerism.

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Manually managing creator partnerships is difficult and time consuming.  For Allie Incaudo, Account Executive at Intersport Agency, working with any more than 5 partners at a time would result in a headache to track edits, approvals, shipping information, communication, and individually execute each legal contract.  Information living in Powerpoints and spreadsheets created a disparate solution that was not scalable.


With the Popular Pays software, Allie no longer has to be conscious of her partner selection.  She is able to work with as many individuals as she needs for a given campaign and easily manage logistics all in one place.  Communication, fulfillment, and approval features make it quick and easy for Allie to execute Do Good. Live Well. Standard campaigns as well as live activations.


50% decrease in time spent on:

  • Tracking edits and approvals
  • Contracts
  • Payments
  • Back-and-forth communication

"When not working with a third party vendor, I do everything manually and it is very time consuming. This would include conference calls, email communication, PowerPoints and Excel documents to help me track everything and working with our internal legal department for each individual contract." - Allie Incaudo, Account Executive / Intersport

2x creator partnerships

Using Pop Pays, Allie has been able to more than double her creator partnerships and seamlessly keep track of each stage of the process for every one of her partners.

"Working with the platform allowed me to work with a larger amount of creators at one time and keep it organized. If I didn’t have the platform I wouldn’t commit to campaigns with more than five influencers because it would be too hard to manage along side my other client work." -  Allie Incaudo, Account Executive / Intersport

Favorite Features

Automated Brief Builder

Clearly organized and intuitive, the Pop Pay’s automated brief builder allows Allie to input her campaign ask and ensure applicants understand all outlined requirements upon acceptance.

"Setting up the brief and having influencers apply after reading through and understanding the campaign and its requirements is extremely helpful.  Also, asking pre-qualifying questions in the application to decide whether or not that creator is a good fit really helps us better vet applicants!"-  Allie Incaudo, Account Executive / Intersport

Shipping & Messaging

The fulfillment and messaging features make it easy to track product and communication all in one place.  Allie is able to understand when creators receive items and can quickly communicate back and forth to clarify or discuss any element of the campaign.

"If I am working with a client that we need to ship product out, having their address already in there with a place to share the tracking code is great.  Also, Messenger makes it so easy to talk back and forth with the creator within the platform and provide more communication."-  Allie Incaudo, Account Executive / Intersport

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