How Liist supercharged app downloads with TikTok

Liist is a collaborative list making tool for recommendations. Make a list of spots you would recommend to your friends, then your friends and followers can make recommendations of what’s missing.

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Popular Pays has been an excellent partner and helped us grow our user base week over week consistently since day one.

Allan Holmes, CEO, Liist


Looking to accelerate growth, Liist was interested in tapping into TikTok for user acquisition. With a tight budget and small team, Liist required an affordable and savvy partner to help them achieve their growth goals of a 10% increase each week in app downloads, saved spots on their app, and active users.


Liist paired with Popular Pays to tap into TikTok.  Using the Pop Pays TikTok search tool, Liist is able to consistently find TikTok creators to produce creative content, drive awareness of their app, and incite app downloads.

Liist has been thrilled to discover that their organic and paid TikTok investments have been their most effective growth channel to date, significantly surpassing their 10% week over week growth goals in each KPI category consistently by 2x each week and in some weeks as much as by 23x!

Liist uses Pop Pays to...

The Details

Liist’s TikTok Strategy

Liist partnered with 13 TikTok influencers to develop TikTok content and organically post their content between November 20’ - January 21’.  Liist ultimately layered on paid TikTok ads in late November and January to round out their TikTok test.

KPI Goal: App Download Growth Chart


Liist continues to use Pop Pays to power their key KPIs and ad content.  They are excited to continue exploring TikTok and other channels to sustain their success and ultimately scale growth.

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