How Mother Raw is building their brand with creators and software

Mother Raw’s lineup of organic, plant-based products encourage everyone to dig into the power of plants!

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Before using Popular Pays Mother Raw was executing influencer and content creation campaigns manually.  Sarah, Mother Raw’s Senior Marketing Manager, would spend 20+ hours on admin logistics like: negotiations, contracts, payment and communication back and forth with participants. This made it difficult for her to execute and scale their work on social.


After integrating Popular Pays into their day-to-day, Mother Raw reduced time spent on operations, cut costs on content production and increased the number of influencer and creator partnerships.

The Pop Pays’ suite of features allowed Mother Raw to extend their social strategy and move resources further upstream. Their marketing team was able to develop plans for always-on influencer activations and expand the brand’s imagery to blog and video content.


75% decrease in time spent on:

  • Back and forth communication
  • Negotiation
  • Contracts
  • Gathering addresses
  • Content approvals
  • Payments

1/2 cost reduction

Set budgets allowed for transparent collaborations and cost-effective activations.

"If a creator is willing to work with us at our budget, they apply. It’s that simple, and it takes away all the back and forth negotiation.” -  Sarah, Sr Marketing Manager / Mother Raw

4x amount more assets

Working manually Mother Raw typically developed 1-2 assets per activation.  With Pop Pays they have been able to quadruple their outputs with 6-8 assets generated per initiative. 

"When managing campaigns manually, we would typically only receive the images and video that the creator would post on their feed. With Popular Pays we get access to way more unposted content that we’ve been able to utilize on our own social media feeds.”-  Sarah, Sr Marketing Manager / Mother Raw

Favorite Features


Allowed Mother Raw to narrow their criteria by state, city, and mile radius around their desired location.   As a result, Mother raw was able to uncover niche communities and advocates in extremely specific areas.

"I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of influencers who met our narrow criteria. Before using Popular Pays I doubt we would have been able to find the amount of influencers we did in the very specific area.” -  Sarah, Sr Marketing Manager / Mother Raw


Provided Mother Raw with a holistic view of campaign performance.  Previously, Sarah was manually calculating individual engagement rates.

The stats tab surfaced real-time analytics, from highest engagement rate to the number of impressions received per post, making it easy for her to quickly report results back to her team.

"I love the post-campaign reporting…A quick look at the stats tab and I’ve got all the information I need in order to report back on the results to my team.”  -  Sarah, Sr Marketing Manager / Mother Raw

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