How Vinebox Creates Custom Content

VINEBOX is a San Francisco based online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers three glasses of wines every month.

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Content is King.”  Bill Gates coined the term in his 1996 essay, titled, “Content is King,” as the .com era was beginning to blossom.  He predicted the internet would provide a massive opportunity for all types of content and those that did content best would succeed.Fast forward to 2018, and here we are, living in the age of social which demands content at a scale and variety even Gates might not have foreseen.  Content isn’t just “King” anymore, but also, “Queen,” “Prince," “Princess,” “Duke,” “Lord,” get the idea. It reigns supreme. So supreme that it surfaces in the top three must-haves consumers look for on social.

Consumers on social want:

- More content
- The ability to quickly switch from one content piece to another.
- Content  in several formats (images, videos, live content, augmented reality, etc., while making sure they load quickly.)

Needless to say, you need content and lots of it.  We teamed up with Facebook to run a series of tests to determine the efficacy of content produced through our platform. Using our tech, creative community, and social expertise, we were able to develop high quality content for Vinebox through mobile first still images and video.  We learned that video produced significantly better results for Vinebox than still images on mobile. Video drove 3.15x conversions at a ⅓ cost per purchase rate, and a 150% relevance score compared to the static content.Our work for Vinebox won us the test with Facebook and validated our ability to produce custom content in several formats. This project emphasized that while quality content is at the core of social, you also need content that works.  We can help your brand with both. Content may be King, but like all great leaders, an entire team is behind the scenes helping to make that King succeed (that's us!).

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