How Method used ASMR creators to innovate their brand

Method is a beautifully designed line of cleaning products that are as kind to the planet as they are tough on dirt.

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Veterans of the influencer marketing space, Method wanted to ‘tap’ into a community that has an oddly satisfying love of laundry.  Method turned to the Popular Pays platform and managed services team to source ASMR creators and manage the process of creating long-form video for YouTube.


Using the Pop Pays platform, Method was able to quickly find ASMRtists who could bring their products to life in a truly immersive way.  The search tool and campaign workflow tools saved Method half the time they would have spent manually executing their initiative.  The activation proved so successful that it was nominated as a panel for SXSW entitled: Oddly Satisfying: Niche Communities For Mass Reach.


50% decrease in time spent on:

  • Campaign duration
  • Sourcing ASMR creators
  • Asset development
  • Contracts
  • Payments
  • Back and forth communication

Outstanding Service

Navigating influencer marketing is difficult.  The Pop Pays team helped method strategically approach their initiatives and supported them every step of the way

"The customer service has been extremely helpful before, during and after campaigns. We truly value the relationship we have created with PopPays and appreciate the experience and responsiveness of the team.” - Halee Edwards, Social media associate / Method

All-in-one solution

Pop Pays all-in-one solution provides Method with control over their creative process and trust that all of their assets and campaign data lives in one place to access whenever needed.

Favorite Features

My Creators

Allowed Method to consider influencers outside of the Pop Pays platform and easily onboard them to the software to work through the Campaign workflow tools and streamline the process.


Communicating back and fourth with influencers via email is not easy to keep organized.  Pop Pays in platform messenger made it easy for Method to chat with their partners and bring their creative vision to life.

"Method sees influencer marketing as a true partnership with creators. The ease of communication directly with content creators means that we can make work together that all parties can be proud of." - Halee Edwards, Social media associate / Method


Provided Method with real time influencer analytics to assess performance in real time.

"Monitoring performance in one place helps us understand how the campaign is running in real time." - Halee Edwards, Social media associate / Method

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