How LesserEvil pairs Influencer Marketing with Shopify to Track Online Sales

From source to snack, LesserEvil is dedicated to creating clean, healthy snacks that are as tasty as they are guilt-free. Start your journey to better snacking!

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Pop Pays has really helped me manage and execute our influencer campaigns. It allows for a super streamlined process which is vital, especially with larger influencer campaigns. I love how Pop Pays shows exactly where in the process of content creation our influencers are in (due dates, edits requested, approval, etc.) which makes it very easy to track the development of a project and keep the campaign on track.  

Megan Reid, Partnerships Manager / LesserEvil


Influencers are a staple of LesserEvils awareness strategy.  Having seen success leveraging influencers for awareness, LesserEvil was interested in understanding if influencers could also help drive conversions for their brand on Instagram.  LesserEvil uses Shopify as their CMS and needed a way to attribute purchases on their website back to the influencers selected for their conversion campaigns.


LesserEvil already relies on the Popular Pays platform for their influencer management solution to source, organize, and track their influencer relationships. As the clean snack brand expanded their strategy to conversion based goals, Pop Pays was able to support their efforts with their new Shopify integration. The Pop Pays Shopify integration allows LesserEvil to assign discount tracking codes to their selected influencers and accurately track the success of their investment.


Direct Attribution

To Evaluate Performance

With the right tracking infrastructure in place, LesserEvil can evaluate campaigns side by side to understand which strategies render the best outcome, which influencers perform the best, and if conversion based campaigns are a viable tactic for their brand moving forward.

"By running these Shopify campaigns, it has allowed us to track any sales that are occurring from the influencers we are working with. Since we’re working with influencers we've built relationships with & find to be authentic, we’ve noticed that sales are being generated especially when it’s coming from a source our customers know and trust.”

733% ROI

From One Influencer Partner

The Pop Pays Shopify integration also allows LesserEvil to understand the exact ROI of their investment in specific partners. This helps LesserEvil best guide future partnership decisions to maximize their return on investment.

“Now that we’ve begun testing more with discount codes, we can see which influencers are performing the best time after time and who we would like to continue working with.”

37 Campaigns

Completed To Date

With search, content review, and influencer data all in one place, LesserEvil is able to manage their influencer awareness campaigns simultaneously with their influencer conversion campaigns to test new strategies, evaluate performance, and build relationships with key influencer partners.

“Pop Pays allows us to stay organized, keep track of stats, test out different campaigns and build relationships with influencers.”

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