9 Ways Brands Can Tap into Generative AI

There have been a lot of advancements in generative AI in the past year or so, from algorithms like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

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9 Ways Brands Can Tap into Generative AI
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There have been a lot of advancements in generative AI in the past year or so, from algorithms like ChatGPT and Midjourney, to AI photo and video editing tools, there seems to be a generative AI tool or feature for just about everyone and this definitely rings true for brands. Keep reading to discover 9 ways brands can utilize generative AI to upgrade their marketing efforts.

How to Boost Sales &  Marketing with Gen AI

These days, generative AI is everywhere – designers use it to bring to life new creations, writers to improve their hooks, and coders to accelerate their work. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a tool that can help. From a branding and marketing perspective, generative AI can be used to increase sales, without a lot of heavy lifting. This is largely thanks to the widespread use of AI photo and video editors which completely changes the world of content creation. Let’s take a look at the different technology that’s rolled out in the last year that can help brands and marketers stay ahead of the curve.

AI Background Remover

What if we told you that it’s easier than ever to upcycle your existing content? Sure, you might have some hesitations but trust us, no one will ever know. Easily remove the background from any image and swap it out with something new to give the look and feel of an entirely new asset. While this is a great quick fix to scale up banners, still ads, and other images, you can also find tools that allow you to remove and change your video background! This way you make the most out of the content (and budget) that you already have.

AI Image and Video Enhancer

Use AI image and video enhancers to bring out certain colors, add shadows, highlights, and more

Use AI image and video enhancers to bring out certain colors, add shadows, highlights, and more

Now that you know you can swap out the background in any asset, there’s another tool that lets you automatically upgrade your materials. Most generative AI tools have some sort of ‘enhance’ feature that allows you to enhance the quality of your photo or video in just a tap. The result helps increase the resolution of your image and can help product photos look more natural by adjusting the lighting or color palette to better match the placement. While all you have to do is tap, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that make this a pretty cool feature.

AI Image Generator

So, we know that we can manipulate existing content to get the most out of our assets, but what if you need to create all new imagery? There are plenty of tools that you could try out to create something brand new. From AI text to image features where you describe the outcome you want in words, to AI generated photos that are based on an existing image you upload, it’s easier than ever to create new content.

For brands working with Popular Pays, we have a brand new feature called the AI Studio that helps brands do just this. All you have to do is upload a product photo and in just a few seconds you’ll get ready-to-go results based on your given prompt.

AI Logo Generator

While most of your content generation efforts are probably product focused, generative AI allows for easy iterating on other brand assets, such as your logo. AI logo makers let you upload your existing logo and manipulate it from there, drastically cutting down on design resources. Let’s say you’re running a special campaign for a new colorway or want to make your logo seasonal, in just a few steps you can create a unique logo fit for any occasion.

Outpainting & AI Infinite Zoom

AI Infinite Zoom and Outpainting used to create a cat movie poster

AI Infinite Zoom and Outpainting used to create a cat movie poster

Now that you’re familiar with the more traditional uses of generative AI, there’s a relatively new use case that allows you to take an existing photo, and extend its borders to give a broader perspective. Outpainting uses generative AI to realistically predict the surroundings of any given photo. This allows you to repurpose content for a variety of uses simply by resizing assets in a tap. Similarly to outpainting, there’s also infinite zoom, which takes things just one step further. When using this feature, you upload an existing image, type in a prompt, and your still image becomes an endless zoom that starts with your asset and expands to incorporate a variety of details based on your custom prompt. When we say the possibilities are endless with this feature, we really mean it!

Generate Avatars with AI

Create ai avatars & ai selfies from photos

Of course we couldn’t include a rundown of generative AI features without touching on AI Avatars. One of the first use cases to take the world by storm, AI avatar generators have since improved, allowing anyone to transform themselves into a character from their wildest imaginations. As a brand, this is a great opportunity to allow your audience to join in on all the fun and be an active part of marketing campaigns. By letting your loyal fans and followers take part, just imagine the increased brand awareness and all the new audiences you could reach!

AI Video Generator

Create ai generated videos using a variety of cool effects

Building off of the more traditional generative AI use cases that focus on photos, there are now tools that create AI generated videos! Just like AI Avatars and the other photo based use cases, you can create an AI video by first uploading your own video content and adding on different AI effects. The end result can be as mild or extreme as you’d like! Think adding an AI-generated filter to each frame to make your content look more cohesive, or use a custom prompt to reimagine your asset as something out of this world. As a brand, the opportunities are endless!

AI Outfits

Virtually try on clothes or create your own new style

Virtually try on clothes or create your own new style

For all the clothing brands out there, or businesses with any kind of wearable merch, one of the most recent breakthroughs in generative AI is a tool that allows anyone to virtually try on clothes. This virtual try-on lets users shop online while minimizing their return rate, which is a win-win for brands and consumers alike. From a marketing perspective, this can also help brands ensure their websites are up-to-date by allowing them to edit clothes and change the color of clothing in any picture. This means that each time you introduce a new colorway, there’s no need to stage a new photoshoot. For both brands and consumers, AI outfits will be a game changer.

AI Hairstyles

Using AI, you can change your hair color to try on a variety of shades without the commitment

This next AI feature takes things even a step further. Just like AI outfits, there is also a feature called AI Hairstyles, which lets users try on various hair colors and cuts, all without the commitment of visiting a salon. While this is cool on a personal level, it also gives brands the opportunity to run fun, out-of-the-box campaigns that let their audience take an active part. If we’re thinking of classics, like Rapunzel or Ariel, this feature can be used to let anyone and everyone imagine themselves with princess hair. The result is fast, impressive, and easy to share, making it perfect for any brand looking to activate their audience.

Boost Your Brand with Generative AI

Clearly generative AI is much more than a fun tool to play around with. There are tons of practical business applications that can help any brand elevate their content and streamline their creation process. While we’ve gone over just a few examples that this exciting technology has in store for us, you can bet that there’s going to be all kinds of new tools and features coming our way.

Make sure that your brand is set up for success in the ever-evolving world of digital (and print!) marketing. See how our in-platform tools like our new Brief AI can expedite brief creation and help you make the most out of your campaign. Talk to us today and we can explore the possibilities of generative AI, together.

Madalyn Johnson
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