3 ways to shop 'til you drop on Instagram

With 500 million users browsing Instagram daily, ever wonder how you can make it easier for them to shop your products?

Aana Leech
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3 ways to shop 'til you drop on Instagram
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With 500 million users browsing Instagram daily, ever wonder how you can make it easier for them to shop your products?

Before Instagram officially began rolling out shopping features, brands relied on: swipe ups, links in bio and comments on posts to direct users to links to purchase their merch. Today, Instagram is capitalizing on the growth of their platform and its ability to monetize their users behavior.

Being the visual medium that it is, users are inundated with compelling content and new brands they might not otherwise come across. Of the 1 billion users on Instagram, 72% of them have bought a product they saw on the platform. As a result, Instagram is beginning to roll out shopping features to support their user’s shopping interests while also creating a seamless buying experience all within the platform. We've explained three ways brands can use Instagram to capitalize on it’s shopping experiences for their consumers. Happy shopping!

Shoppable Tags

Shoppable tags is one of the most effective ways to allow users to shop your products. With 80% of Instagram users following a business profile, shoppable tags lets you make your products more accessible and 'buyable' to your audience.  When you tap a photo that includes the tag, a pop up link appears with the product info and pricing. Users can click through to purchase the product without ever leaving the Instagram platform. If your a brand and have an Instagram business account you can easily use this feature to monetize your online inventory. See this step by step guide on how to set up shoppable tags and navigate the feature.

Shopping Stickers In Stories

With 400 million users tapping into IG stories daily, you can’t miss an opportunity to let your consumer shop through this medium. Similar to shoppable tags, Stickers allow you to immediately click out on a product to get additional details and purchase in app. With user experience being a top concern for e-commerce sales, Instagram is streamlining the path from discovery to purchase, which increases the likelihood a customer converts. Follow this guide to add shopping stickers in each tap of your story to encourage users to easily click out to purchase.  

Explore Shopping

While still rolling out to the entire IG community, Explore Shopping is sure to be a hit for brands.

Akin to Shopbop or The Real Real, Explore Shopping aggregates all of your favorite brands into one location. Explore Shopping will be its own channel on the discovery tab within Instagram where users can hop in and browse any brands they follow or might like based on their interests.

This holiday season, use one, or all of these features to engage potential buyers and provide a seamless shopping experience on Instagram.

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Aana Leech
Aana is the former Head of Product Brands of Popular Pays

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