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Announcing Facebook Ads Integration in the Popular Pays platform

by Dalyn Ward | 6 years ago

This week at Pop Pays, we’re announcing the launch of our Facebook Ads Manager integration. As part of the Facebook Marketing Partners program in Creative Platforms, we’re using technology to bring efficiencies to the content creation process and improving on our promise to provide marketers with solutions to their content challenges.

As this market has developed, so has our customers’ needs for where and how they use content. With this integration, content developed on the Pop Pays platform can now be easily exported to a Facebook Ads Manager account, then used on Facebook or Instagram as promoted or boosted posts. This is a big win for marketers as it allows for the development, distribution, and performance tracking of Organic and Paid content from a single platform.

Content needs for brands continue to grow at exponential rates across social. Today 90% of consumers prefer custom content from brands and 36.7% of marketers say producing engaging visuals is their biggest challenge when executing their marketing strategies. The Pop Pays platform connects brands directly with a community of professional creators that they select to produce custom brand content at scale. Final assets can be used across owned channels, posted to an influencer’s feed, or activated in paid media.

As changes to the algorithm of the Instagram and Facebook feeds impact what content people see, Pop Pays is making it easier for marketers to choose how and where to distribute their custom content.


popular pays ads export process
Ads Manager Export Flow

You can launch the Facebook authentication flow from any asset you’ve approved in your campaign. Once your Ads Manager account is connected, assets will be exported to your content library in Ads Manager. Data will appear on the Pop Pays stats page as soon as an ad begins delivering.

Pop Pays is an end to end solution for brands’ custom content needs across social media. As a product team, we remain focused on building products and tools that solve challenges for the modern marketer, allowing them to create and distribute content that’s truly worth sharing.


If you have an active campaign, make sure you have access to your Facebook Ads Manager, then login today to connect Pop Pays.

Not yet a Pop Pays customer? Curious about how Pop Pays can solve your content needs? Request a demo of our dashboard today.

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