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Stop Motion Advertisement: What It Is and How It’s Taking Over Influencer Ads

by Meaghan Carroll | 2 years ago

It can often feel like you’re at the mercy of ever-changing social media algorithms and evolving trends. But keeping up with what’s happening will help your brand stand out in a competitive landscape.

Stop motion animation is one of the latest social media video trends that will make your social media content stand out, especially when you work with influencers. In this article, we explain what stop motion animation is and provide stop motion video examples that can help you create your own successful campaigns.

What Is Stop Motion Animation?

Stop motion animation is a frame-by-frame animation technique that involves taking pictures of an inanimate object in various positions, then putting those pictures together to create an animation that provides the illusion of movement. It’s a particularly useful technique in advertising because it helps grab attention by presenting products in eye-catching and creative ways.

The Rise of Stop Motion Animation in the Influencer World

Video content is becoming increasingly popular on many social media channels because it appeals to our audio-visual senses and tells a compelling story. In fact, 91% of Instagram users report watching videos on the platform weekly. With videos becoming the go-to content format across the board, some brands use stop motion videos in their influencer marketing to stand out from their competitors.

Traditionally, stop motion animation is a labor-intensive (and somewhat tedious) art. Influencers who create stop motion ads often get a lot of engagement because their followers are awe-struck by what these influencers can create! For marketers, stop motion videos are valuable — their brevity makes them easier to digest than full videos, and they typically don’t require time-consuming storyboards or lengthy post-production processes.

When To Use Stop Motion Animation for Your Influencer Ads

The beauty of modern stop motion advertisements is that they can become your DIY projects. You can use tools such as Vimeo, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Photoshop to create stunning ads without hiring a skilled filmmaker.

But the fact that you can DIY a stop motion animation doesn’t mean that all your social media ads should use that format. Here are some specific use cases of stop motion commercials that could work for your brand.

4 Examples of Stop Motion Animation

Here are four examples of stop motion animation videos across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

LEGO Chocolate Cake YouTube Video by Tom Osteen

Tom made every ingredient for this chocolate cake transform into LEGO pieces that come together to create a complete cake in this awesome video, which has over 53 million views and over 23,000 comments.

Le Creuset TikTok Video by Bakersmann Cookies

Bakersmann Cookies made this TikTok stop motion ad to highlight Le Creuset’s gorgeous cookware. It’s amazing how the baker made real-life representations of these gorgeous pots in the form of decadent cookies. The video has a 3.29% engagement rate — which is great, considering she has almost 2 million TikTok followers.

Shop Moica Cadeaux Instagram Video by Jeli Animations

Shop Moica is a Canadian-based bespoke gift box company that highlights products made in Quebec. They partnered with Jeli Animations to create a stop motion animation ad that showcases some of their most popular boxes.

Target Serums and Treatments

Target created a stop motion ad to promote the serums and treatments they sell in their stores. It’s only six seconds long and creates awareness for their skincare product line.

Turn to Popular Pays for Influencers Who Use Exciting & Effective Ad Marketing Strategies

Stop motion videos make influencer content more engaging and interesting. In a world that’s becoming dominated by video content, stop motion ads help your brand stand out — the trick is finding influencers who create this type of content.

This is where Popular Pays can help. We’ll help you find influencers who create amazing stop motion videos that fit your brand’s style and voice. Team up with Popular Pays today to find creators for your next influencer marketing campaign.

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