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First party data to guarantee your brand is LDA compliant

by Aana Leech | 4 years ago

As big brands like Corona and Absolut Vodka activate influencer marketing they often come up against a problem when searching for brand advocates; are their desired partners audiences above the legal drinking age of 21?   The alcohol industry has tons of rules and regulations – as it should.  One of their main points of concern is to ensure that any audience an alcohol brand advertises to is comprised of at least 71.6% individuals of legal drinking age

Until now, there has been no easy way to quickly vet this singular piece of info that will make or break a partnership.  Instagram audience demographic data typically displays 21+ age data within the range of 18-24, which means there is a 50% chance that an individual’s audience is comprised of those below the legal age of 21.  With brand safety as a primary concern in marketing initiatives, this is much too high of a percentage for alcohol brands or anyone beholden to this requirement to rely on when selecting partners.   

Fortunately, with smart data we are changing this for you.  Using our search tool, brands will now be able to filter by an LDA compliance tag, meaning the individual’s audience meets the minimum 71.6% 21+ age requirement. 

How it works

Select the LDA compliance filter and individuals whose audience is LDA compliant will surface:

If the individual does not have a badge, then they either do not have an LDA compliant audience or have not linked an IG business account to allow us insight into their audience demographic data. 

Why we love it

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