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Pop Pays adds Audible co-founder as board observer and extends Series B to $6.6m

by Aana Leech | 4 years ago

In August our CEO, Corbett Drummey, announced that we raised $5.5m in a Series B round. Today, we’re announcing a little something to sweeten that announcement. We raised an additional $1.1m in financing to finalize our Series B, bringing the total amount raised for the round to $6.6m. The new investment comes from ICCP SBI Venture Partners.

During this process, we added Audible co-Founder, Ed Lau, to our board as an observer. Lau brings a wealth of experience in digital media and first-hand knowledge of scaling companies from the ground up.  

Our priorities from the announcement in August haven’t changed one bit. In fact, the additional funds will only help us work faster towards our goals.

“We’re building a new content operating system that will transform the way creators, brands, and agencies work, collaborate and get paid,” says Corbett Drummey, CEO of Popular Pays. “We give brands the tools they need to get work done but with transparency that the market needs.”

Keep reading for where we see the future of Pop Pays in the lives of our customers and creators.

We’re thinking software

The beauty of software is that it can bring flexibility and efficiency to processes– even creative ones. Software can enable better creativity by letting you focus on the important things. It can let you be more ambitious with your content goals since you can do more, do it faster, and do it at a cost that works. The new advertising landscape is evolving, and with the raise, we’re committed to investing in our product, engineering, and design teams to help usher it in.

We’re going to be more customer centric

To build great software tools for you, we need to deeply understand your experience. We’re recommitting to this idea and prioritizing more time for talks with our customers. Our goal is to understand more concretely what we can build that will truly make a difference for you and your day-to-day challenges.

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