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Pop Profile: Victoria Hudgins

by Meaghan Carroll | 4 years ago

The Pop Profile series is a peek into the creative process of some of the most talented people making content on social media. It’s a chance for them to step out from behind the camera, into the spotlight, and let us pick their brains. This month, we’re talking Victoria Hudgins. 

Photo courtesy of Victoria Hudgins for Pinalen.

It’s hard to pick one word to describe Victoria Hudgins, the brains behind asubtlerevelry. Like most of our creator community, she wears several hats and colors outside the lines in her signature bright, poppy colors. She is a mother of twins, wife to her college sweetheart, author of DIY book Materially Crafted and magazine Styled, blogging consultant and creative genius behind her blog, Pinterest and Instagram accounts for astubtlerevelry. Victoria describes asubtlerevelry as a lifestyle, food and craft blog with simple ideas for merrymaking the everyday, because every day deserves a party. That’s a sentiment we can definitely get behind.

We caught up with Victoria to look back at some of her favorite work from 2018 and look forward to what’s to come in 2019.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Hudgins for Gushers.

What is your advice to new creators on Pop Pays?

Do great work always! We try hard to ensure our photo quality and styling are just as on point for a brand as they would be for something internally we are passionate about. Our followers can tell when we are excited about something or faking it, so striving to really get excited for every brand is important to us.

What was your favorite Pop Pays campaign from 2018?

My favorite campaign was probably with Brighthouse Financial. It was a different kind of campaign for us and I found I really LOVED getting to tell the story of someone else passion. It was really fun to produce and our tribe adored it.

Photo courtesy of asubtlerevelry for Brighthouse Financial.

What does your creative process look like for a campaign? 

When we get signed a campaign I have a creative meeting with our team to finalize the concept and style of the shoot. We have a craft assistant who will sometimes be assigned work, a photographer and videographer team. It’s been wonderful building out a solid team this last year and has helped us immensely be able to provide the type of content and style we know brands are after. Once we have a nailed down plan the rest is the fun part – the production of content.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Hudgins for M&M’s.

Care to share any personal or professional goals for 2019?

We are looking to 2019 to be the year of depth for our brand. We have built platforms I am really proud of both through the blog, Pinterest and Instagram, we’ve written books and started courses. Basically ALL THE THINGS. This year though, instead of starting something new, we are excited to go deeper into all the areas of our business and help them grow in depth and community. I think we all have untapped potential the deeper we go.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Hudgins for Dasani.

Thank you to Victoria for taking us behind the curtain on her creative process, we can’t wait to follow her journey through 2019. You can keep up with her on Instagram, Pinterest and her blog.


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