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Extending the Life of Your Content

by Monica Makropoulos | 3 years ago

Influencer marketing drives organic awareness in a way that isn’t possible with other digital marketing tactics. So much so, that 87% of surveyed consumers say they were inspired to make a purchase based on what they saw from an influencer.

Popular Pays was built to connect you with influencers and creators to collaborate on content tailor made for social. When we look at the organic performance of content made by influencers and creators compared to content made through traditional methods, creator content outperforms traditional content on key performance metrics. However, organically posting the perfect caption alongside the perfect creative asset will only take a brand’s marketing message so far.  

That’s why we invested in building tools to extend the life of your content through paid distribution and repurposing for other marketing tactics.   

Promoting Posts via an Influencer’s Handle: AKA Whitelisting, Cosponsoring, or Boosting

Track organic performance of your content with the Pop Pays stats page

Using our Facebook API integration, transform top-performing organic influencer content to drive significantly more awareness in a less-disruptive, native way.

We’ll automatically flag the highest performing organic posts in your campaign using the High Performance Indicator. The assumption is that this content is most likely to perform well when amplified with paid media. The organic post was your split test. 

Once you’ve identified the most efficient content get the most out of this content by boosting from the influencer’s handle. Boosting content from a creator’s handle instead of your own helps you understand ROI as it relates to influencers, drive traffic from Feed and Stories with a clickable CTA and ensures you’re reaching optimal audiences beyond the organic following. 

If this isn’t your bag, our Creative Strategy team can help you deploy a testing strategy to learn which creative resonates best with consumers.

Connect the Brands Page via Ads Manager Integration

Pop Pays Facebook Ads Integration

In addition to tracking first-party organic data in real-time, the dashboard will do the same for paid performance data. All you need to do is authenticate your brand’s Facebook Ads Manager through Pop Pays. We’ll seamlessly pull in your paid data, for a side-by-side look at all content performance.

Benefits include:

Reuse & Recycle Content

Method Soaps repurposed creator content for their Amazon landing page

Your content can take marketing initiatives farther that you think–Repurpose content for marketing tactics including:

Did we mention we have a community of video editors? They’re skilled at repurposing any type of content, including TV assets, as mobile-friendly branded ads, like Instagram Stories or Snapchat.  

 These tools and integrations make it possible for you to extend the life of your content beyond a single post. Inside, or out of feed, tailor-made content will make a difference in your brand’s content performance.

As always, we’re here to help. Reach out to [email protected] to learn more. 

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