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A Guide to Getting Started with Influencers on TikTok

Not only can our inner circle serve as influencers, but strangers can too. Due to the virality of the TikTok platform itself, TikTok isn’t just about awareness, it can drive meaningful sales. It’s more than just a corner of the web designated for synchronized dances, teens doing funky moonwalks, tap dancing duets, outfit changes, people sharing secret “dupes” of their favorite products, or hacks about the right way to use ice cube trays.


TikTok, Reels, Triller: A Guide to Short Form Video Apps We’re All Hearing About

We’re reeling a bit from the latest industry news… Another short-form video option, Reels? Reeeeally? And also, Triller? On top of TikTok? Everywhere around the world minds are blown.


The Sounds of TikTok

It’s no secret that trending hashtags and sounds are always evolving on TikTok. When partnering with a creator for a branded activation, it’s key to note that brands must consider a strategic and agile approach to audio on TikTok.


Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Ads

With 84 million US monthly active users, TikTok has engagement unlike any other social app with users spending […]


6 TikTok Trends you Need to Know in 2020

TikTok is the hottest new thing that has swept everyone off their feet. Since its release, it has […]


3 TikTok Strategy Tips You Can't Live Without

Take a look at a few different types of content on TikTok written by one of our Client […]


4 Considerations When Recruiting TikTok Creators

Get out the ring lights, because we’ve got some news #ForYou(page). TikTok is here to stay, and Popular […]


A Creator's POV on TikTok

We get it, you’re bored in a house and you’re in a house bored. With extra time at […]


TikTok for the Entertainment Industry

With over 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok is changing the social landscape whether you like it or not. […]

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