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Find Instagram influencers to boost your marketing

With Popular Pays, elevating your Instagram marketing has never been easier. From posts to Stories, and even Reels, discover top influencers to partner with directly on our platform.

Explore our influencer community

With our Instagram influencer marketing platform, easily find top influencers to partner and collaborate with. Featuring over 100,000 vetted influencers, there’s no need to compromise. We can help you find exactly what, or who, you’re looking for.

Discover an extensive influencer database

Advanced search & filtering tool

Whether you work in fitness, cosmetics, or the restaurant business, finding an IG influencer in your niche has never been easier. Filter by location, engagement rate, audience, and so much more with our Instagram influencer search tool.

Find an instagram influencer with our advanced search and filtering tool

An array of content formats

From videos like Instagram Reels to static images, carousel posts, and even Stories, our community of experienced influencers are well-versed in creating diverse forms of content that help brands effectively deliver their message.

Hire Instagram influencers in a tap

Browse through influencers’ profiles and look at key metrics, previous collabs, and audience insights to ensure you’re making the most out of your Instagram influencer marketing strategy. Found an influencer you love but still looking for someone new? Give our Lookalike tool a try!

Select your influencers with detailed influencers profiles

All-in-one campaign management tools

Managing your campaigns doesn’t have to be a challenge! Keep track of performance metrics with our real-time Instagram influencer analytics and get insights that can help you optimize your campaign and maximize your ROI.

Discover all our campaign management tools

How can I find the right Instagram influencer for my brand?

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    Log in to your existing account or register for Popular Pays.

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    Open the Influencer Search Tool

    Use the search tool to easily streamline your influencer discovery process.

  • Step 3

    Assess Prospective Influencers

    Found potential influencers? Take a moment to look at their previous work, scope, content, and user engagement.

  • Step 4

    Get in Touch

    Once you've chosen your ideal collaborators, reach out with a tailored message directly on the platform.

Frequently asked questions

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Is there a minimum or maximum follower count for influencers on the platform?

Can I track the performance and success of my influencer campaigns?

What are the pricing options for using the Popular Pays platform and accessing influencer profiles?

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