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Find and work with YouTube influencers for businesses

Popular Pays allows you to connect with expert YouTubers who will create videos to elevate your brand’s marketing strategy. Seamlessly collaborate and manage your influencer campaigns all from one centralized hub.

Find the right YouTube influencer with our search tool

No matter your niche, we have an influencer for everyone! From lifestyle to beauty, and even fitness and fashion, filter by location, audience, demographic and more until you find the perfect influencer to partner with.

Try on the Youtube influencer search tool

Browse our extensive YouTuber database

Looking for anyone from some of the most famous YouTubers to micro-influencers? With our list of over 100,000 vetted creators, finding YouTube influencers who are just right for your campaign has never been easier.

Popular Pays offers an extensive Youtuber Database

Easily create YouTube Shorts for your brand

Collaborate with skilled YouTubers who can create any type content. From educational videos, to product reviews, tutorials, and lighter content like recreating viral YouTube challenges or unboxing videos, find your creator and start working on your next winning video together.

A to Z campaign management tools

Ensure your campaign is on track by collaborating and brainstorming with influencers directly on the platform. Once your content is live, stay on top of performance metrics and optimize as needed to make sure you reach your targets.

Find influencers with the Lookalike too

How can I find the best YouTube influencer for my brand?

  • Step 1

    Register or Sign In

    Log in to your existing account or register for Popular Pays.

  • Step 2

    Open the Influencer Search Tool

    Use the search tool to easily streamline your influencer discovery process.

  • Step 3

    Assess Prospective Influencers

    Found potential influencers? Take a moment to look at their previous work, scope, content, and user engagement.

  • Step 4

    Get in Touch

    Once you've chosen your ideal collaborators, reach out with a tailored message directly on the platform.

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