25 Fitness Influencers Your Brand Should Know About [From Instagram to YouTube]

Explore our diverse list of fitness influencers that are making waves in their industry across multiple marketing channels, from YouTube to Instagram.

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25 Fitness Influencers Your Brand Should Know About [From Instagram to YouTube]
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The value of influencers has exploded in the past several years. By the end of this year, influencer marketing is expected to grow to be worth $13.8 billion, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. That’s an increase from just $1.7 billion in 2016. One industry that has a large concentration of influencers is health and wellness. Even brands beyond the fitness industry can benefit from partnerships with these influencers, as most influencers weave in food, nutrition, mental wellness, beauty, apparel, and other topics with their athletic-focused posts. Below, we’ve covered some top influencers in the fitness world you can partner with to help grow your brand.Top 10 Fitness Influencers on InstagramInstagram is the most-used social media platform for influencers, according to Mediakix Influencer Marketing Survey, and fitness influencers specifically have become extremely well known through their Instagram followings. The names Kayla Itsines and Michelle Lewin may sound familiar to you as two of the most popular and successful Instagram fitness influencers.There are also a ton of smaller influencers with substantial followings that have hyper engaged audiences and may be more accessible for your brand. We’ve highlighted some of them for you below.

Kanoa Greene

If you’re looking for a fitness influencer that’s body positive and size-inclusive, Kanoa Greene may be ideal for your brand. Kanoa runs plus-size adventure retreats and is all about demonstrating that strong and fit bodies come in all sizes. Featured in fitness magazines Self and Shape as well as Glamour magazine, Kanoa is a popular influencer on Instagram with over 22,800 followers and has had partnerships with Sweaty Betty and Re-Spin by Halle Berry.

Ebenezer Samuel

As the fitness director of fitness magazine Men’s Health and Head of Training and Innovation for FlexIt, a virtual personal training app, Ebenezer Samuel is a great influencer to work with if you’re looking to focus on weight training, conditioning, and yoga. A certified personal trainer with over a decade of experience, Ebenezer has worked with the NFL and track athletes. Ebenezer has 340,000 followers on Instagram and has worked with the luxury sportswear brand Leorever.

Judine Saint Gerard

New York City-based professional athlete and coach, Judine Saint Gerard, shares her passions for fitness and delicious, healthy meals with her Instagram community. She believes everyone should find their own version of “fit” and wants to be a part of that journey. Judine has over 18,000 followers on Instagram and has worked with brands like laundry detergent brand, Dirty Labs.

Andy Anneville

Fitness model and coach based in Houston, Texas, Andy Anneville is all about men’s fitness. The bulk of his content shared on Instagram consists of workout routines, which he explains step by step, including motivation and encouragement for the followers at home along the way. Andy has 62,000 followers on Instagram and has worked with brands like Staunch Supplements, Rovux Footwear, and JustCBD.

Shana Meyerson

Looking specifically for a yoga influencer with a bubbly personality and quirky humor? Shana Meyerson may be a great option for your brand. As a Los Angeles-based private yoga instructor and founder of YOGAthletica, Shana shares yoga videos and posts on her Instagram to help her 21,000+ followers deepen their yoga practice and stay positive along the way. Shana has worked with brands such as Manduka, Nuzest, Graze, and Yogi Surprise.

Emma Kirk-Odunubi

London-based coach and athlete, Emma Kirk-Odunubi is CEO of running community Bulletproof Athletic. The motto of Bulletproof is that regardless of your fitness goals or level, you are welcome and valid. If you’re seeking a fitness influencer outside of the U.S., Emma could be a great fit. With 26,000 followers on Instagram, Emma currently is an Under Armour athlete and has previously partnered with the footwear brand Runners Need.

Nathan Sado

As a full-time world traveler, writer, speaker, and fitness coach, Nathan Sado provides fitness tips and adventure travel recommendations on his Instagram followed by over 60,000 people. Some brands that Nathan has worked with include Glacier Country Tourism, Swan Mountain Llama Trekking, Sicily By Nature, and Etna Bike Tours.

Allen Swan

Former basketball player and expert in men’s fashion and fitness, Allen Swan is now known on Instagram for providing online fitness training videos to his 21,000+ followers. According to his profile, his next big project will include online fitness training videos. Allen is currently an ambassador for the clothing brand Legends and has partnered with brands like BodyArmor, a sports drink company.Recommended Reading: 25 Fashion Influencers That Will Excite Your Brand’s Followers

Rachel Brathen

Originally from Sweden, Rachel Brathen — also known as Yoga Girl — is an international teacher, New York Times best-selling author, and entrepreneur who currently lives in Aruba. On her Instagram with over two million followers, Rachel shares yoga videos, inspirational messages, and promotes her upcoming events like live yoga and meditation classes.

Jonelle Lewis

Yoga and meditation teacher Jonelle Lewis shares her life as an Apple Fitness+ trainer. She regularly posts videos of short yoga sequences or meditations for her 22,000 followers to practice alongside her. Jonelle is on a mission to make wellness inclusive and accessible. Top 10 Fitness Influencers on YouTubeYouTube is another top channel for influencers, with 70% of influencers sharing that they utilize the platform, according to the Media Kix 2019 Influencer Marketing Survey. Learn about some of the top influencers you can work with to help build your brand.

Kyla Beland

As a personal fitness trainer, Kyla Beland uses her YouTube channel to share fitness and health content that inspires, empowers, and even teaches. Her videos range from workout playlists to healthy eating and nutritional information videos that put an emphasis on intuitive eating over counting calories. Kyla has over 75,000 subscribers and is based in Florida.

Annabelle Hayes

An influencer who gets real with her followers, Anabelle Hayes shares her journey of fitness after struggling with her health for years. Annabelle shares an array of workout routines as well as nutritional videos and more lifestyle-centered vlogs about her travels. She has over 927,000 subscribers on YouTube and has partnered with hair care company BondiBoost, and global fashion brand Fashion Nova.

Katie Dunlop

Striving to help women make healthy lifestyle changes, Katie Dunlop shares quick home workouts, healthy eating routines, and simple meal plans on her YouTube page. She even has different playlists for different goals such as bikini body guides like the Summer Shape-Up Series and Spring Slim-Down Series. Katie also has a fitness app and community called Love Sweat Fitness (LSF) to further support women in their health goals. With over 706,000 subscribers on YouTube, Katie has partnered with companies like Revolve clothing brand and GT’s.

Phil Graham

Living with type 1 diabetes has never stopped U.K.-based Phil Graham. He is on a mission to empower others who live with type 1 diabetes to enjoy a healthy, strong life. On his YouTube channel with over 23,000 subscribers, Phil shares content about living with diabetes — everything from diabetes education and what technology works the best for diabetics to how working out intersects with diabetes.

Adriene Mishler

Most commonly known as Yoga With Adriene, Adriene Mishler is an international yoga teacher, actress, writer, and entrepreneur. Her goal has always been to make mental, emotional, and physical health accessible to everyone, and she has succeeded in that with her extremely successful YouTube channel. Though Adriene has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, she continues to stay down-to-earth in her yoga and meditation videos, catering to all practice levels. Learn more about popular health and wellness influencers and the engaging content they create in our blog.

Bart Kwan

Otherwise known as Barbell Brigade, Bart Kwan is a successful powerlifting fitness buff who owns his own gym in downtown Los Angeles. On his YouTube channel with over 693,000 subscribers, Bart shares training, transformation, and confidence-building content. There are even workout videos for pregnant powerlifters.

Sjana Elise Earp

Leading with empowerment for all women, yoga teacher Sjana Elise Earp runs her yoga YouTube channel with this in mind. She credits yoga with helping her through difficult moments in her life and wants to share that with others. Sjana has created holistic wellbeing and workout programs for her 135,000 subscribers and has partnered with brands like sustainable fashion retailer Everlane, and Australian wellness company Wanderlust.

Dana Linn Bailey

When it comes to bodybuilding, Dana Linn Bailey is an expert. Dana won the first  International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Pro in history, won the first-ever Ms. Physique Olympia, writes her own column on fitness training, and owns a gym. She shares her fitness journey, lifestyle, and workout tips on her YouTube channel with over 495,000 subscribers.

Omar Isuf

Some fitness influencers take themselves too seriously; this isn’t the case with Omar Isuf. Omar brings funny and witty energy to the fitness influencer scene through his weekly YouTube videos. In these videos, he shares workouts and diet tips that can help anyone, regardless of experience level, with his 845,000+ subscribers.

Nikki Blackketter

Based in San Diego, California, Nikki Blackketter is a lifestyle and fitness blogger. She shares her journey in weightlifting and working out via vlogs on YouTube. Her videos range from workouts and life updates to healthy recipe recommendations. Nikki has grown her following on YouTube to 731,000 subscribers.Top 5 Fitness Influencers Making WavesFinally, we looked for some of the top fitness influencers right now who are making waves in the industry and who we believe will continue to grow their following.

Jessie Diaz-Herrera

Reinventing the way we look at exercise, Jessie Diaz-Herrera, also known as CurvesWithMoves on her Instagram account, focuses on sharing body-positive cardio dance classes, daily affirmations, and self-love with her 21,000+ followers. Jessie has partnered with brands like NOW Foods and eco-friendly hair care company HiBar.

Carlos Garcia

Naples, Florida-based fitness coach and reality TV star Carlos Garcia is up-and-coming in the fitness influencer world, with posts covering high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and offering a glimpse into his exciting life. With a following of over 87,000 on Instagram, Carlos has partnered with BSN Supplements and TLF Apparel.

LaShawn Jones

Another influencer highlighting an alternative to the traditional fitness Instagram page is LaShawn Jones. As a dancer and choreographer, LaShawn shares videos of dance routines loaded with energy and creativity for her 14,000+ followers to dance along with. She currently is an Apple Fitness+ trainer.

Chris Ruden

As a disabled, type 1 diabetic powerlifter, Chris Ruden doesn’t lack any motivation, and shares that motivation with his more than 71,000 followers on Instagram through videos and posts about living with diabetes, nutrition, weightlifting, and destigmatizing what it means to be disabled. Chris is co-founder of NRG Bit Protein Snacks and was a contestant on NBC’s Titan Games in season one.

Laura Large

Ashtanga yoga teacher Laura Large is all about the details and functionality when it comes to her Instagram page. She posts videos and tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to practice yoga poses. With over 76,000 followers, Laura has partnered with brands like Liforme Yoga, Werkshop apparel, and KiraGrace Yoga.

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