Pop Profile: Women of Influence

The Pop Profile series is a peek into the creative process of some of the most talented people making content on social media.

Meaghan Federspill
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Pop Profile: Women of Influence
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The Pop Profile series is a peek into the creative process of some of the most talented people making content on social media. It’s a chance for them to step out from behind the camera, into the spotlight, and let us pick their brains. In honor of Women's Month this month, we chatted with two successful female creators on Pop Pays, Tracy Ann Frazier and Maria Midoes.

Photos courtesy of Maria Midoes and Tracy Ann Frazier.

In honor of Women's Month in March, we hosted a conversation of influential women in the influencer marketing industry to discuss the unique power and opportunities women have in the industry. On Pop Pays, women earned 3x as much money in branded sponsorships than their male counterparts, and we thought that was worth sharing.

To keep the conversation going beyond the month of March, we caught up with Pop Pays creators Tracy Ann Frazier and Maria Midoes to hear their perspective on finding success and leading the charge in this female dominated industry.

Photo courtesy of Maria Midoes for Tequila Herradura.

What factors do you believe contributed to the influencer marketing industry being such fertile ground for women to grow their own brands and influence?

Tracy Ann: There are many women crafting content and connecting with audiences who are unique to their interest. Women can have a platform to easily communicate with one another and foster relationships through social media. Enter 'influencer marketing' as a tool that recognizes that various niches are nurtured through these platforms through our unique voices and experiences.

Maria: Instagram almost democratized the concept of being inspiring - suddenly we were being inspired by someone eating Tacos in Oaxaca, or having a coffee in a very industrial cafe in Brooklyn, or being adventurous in Iceland. Suddenly we were not being inspired by documentaries on tv made by experts but seeing real people, like us, going to the same places, doing the same things - and this made us all more close. Because we all felt more close to each other, communities were built overseas of people who liked the same things, had the same tastes and concerns.  Community was by definition a geographical concept and Instagram came to change it. And that’s how we influence each other - by sharing interests, by belonging to communities.

Photo courtesy of Tracy Ann Frazier for Bose.

How do you think women have built their brands and their careers to thrive in this industry?

Tracy Ann: There are many ways to build a brand, so I can only speak on behalf of myself. I strive to stay true to my IRL personality (personable, empathetic, optimistic). We all posses qualities that naturally makes us different (who we are). Once we are in tune with ourselves - and this is a lifelong journey right? I mean we are constantly learning and growing -- but infusing your personality into your brand helps you to stand out, make connections and thrive.

Maria: Creating a brand was a huge process. People had ideas, needed money for a log, to have all the papers, a name. Only after that you could consider you had a legit brand. Social Networks came to show you that if you know how to do something and you start posting it, a name or a logo are the last things you can thing about - if people see it, they will love it, if they love it, they will buy it. Branding is important but not imperative. So women built their brands and careers combining passion, taking risks and being adventurous. Some of us learning skills we never thought we would, having our own brands online while still working full-time.

Photo courtesy of Maria Midoes for Macy's Style and Co.

What has your experience been in the influencer marketing industry as a woman?

Tracy Ann: It certainly is empowering to be lifted up by other women. I love to share tips and advice with women who hope to pursue a career in this industry. Some days I'll DM someone on Instagram and say "Hey, love what you do! Here's a few platforms, or ways to pitch brands because I see that you are seeking additional income." Other women have done the same for me. Gaining new insights from other women, who also have been a part of the marketing industry much longer than I have, has been life changing because there is always room for increased knowledge and growth.

Maria: Fulfilling. It allowed me to improve my passion and make a living at the same time, BUT the most important thing is the people I have met and who I connect daily, and some of them became my best friends. And it’s so inspiring to see so many women doing the same. I never thought I would be creating content for some of the brands I worked with already!

Photo courtesy of Tracy Ann Frazier for Google.

What challenges and opportunities have you run into as a woman while building your brand?

Tracy Ann: Here I am, given the opportunity to represent Black Women. We are beautiful, we are enough.

Maria: Either if you are a man or a woman, the interesting part of having a brand these days is to never close doors to new challenges and opportunities such as learning new skills, sing in into a new app, exploring video and audio and animation, and the world! - never ever settle. Another challenge is to find your voice and be consistent. And the last (but not the least!), look around, empathize, connect and share - all of these are opportunities for growth both professionally and personally.

Photo courtesy of Maria Midoes and Tracy Ann Frazier.

Big thank you to Tracy Ann and Maria for sharing her creative process and journey with us. You can keep up with Tracy Ann on her Instagram and YouTube, and Maria on Instagram. Interested in learning more about how Pop Pays can speed up your custom content production? Learn how to get started, and check back here for more inspiration from our creator community.

Meaghan Federspill
Meaghan is a professional social-scroller, trend reporter, creative ideator and friendly Senior Creative Strategist at Lightricks.

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