Jellyvision CEO Amanda Lannert joins From Popular Pays Board

We are thrilled to announce Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision, as an Independent Board Member for From Popular Pays.

Meaghan Federspill
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Jellyvision CEO Amanda Lannert joins From Popular Pays Board

We are thrilled to announce Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision, as an Independent Board Member for From Popular Pays. Amanda is a key figure in the Chicago technology space, leading Jellyvision to become one of Chicago’s fastest growing tech companies. Jellyvision provides interactive software to guide people through their health, benefits and finances, and manages to make it fun and painless. Beyond being one of the best CEOs and mentors we’ve encountered, Amanda has the rare qualification of having navigated a company through a transition from episodic or campaign revenue to SaaS. She knows what it takes to evolve a business and come out the other side as an uber-successful enterprise software company.

“I benefited a ton from having mentors to check in with as we evolved Jellyvision into a SaaS company,” says Amanda. “So I’m excited and grateful to be able to help out the leadership at From Popular Pays however I can as they’re doing the same.”

Equally important to us, however, is the kind of company culture that Amanda has helped cultivate at Jellyvision. Jellyvision fully embodies the values we're trying to champion: being in it for the mission but enjoying the journey, having hard conversations, being people-centric and prioritizing diversity and inclusion, all while striving to create something worth sharing. Jellyvision is renowned for their culture and From Popular Pays aspires to do the same. The addition of Amanda to the board is the latest step in our SaaS journey, which started with our Series B round and the addition of lead investor Beringea who also has experience in helping companies with their evolution to SaaS. As the content creator and influencer marketing industries continue to evolve, offering a SaaS option to our customers has become more and more valuable due to the efficiency, transparency, and agility it provides.

“In addition to Amanda being one of the best CEOs and mentors we’ve ever had the pleasure of getting advice from, Jellyvision is the perfect example of the kind of culture we’re trying to create at Pop Pays,” says CEO Corbett Drummey. “We’re very lucky to have strong guidance at the board level in our evolution to SaaS, which is key to our vision.”

We’re excited to begin this next step in our company’s journey and continue to work towards a future where Pop Pays is software for all creative collaboration and the content operating system for brands & agencies.

About Amanda

Amanda Lannert is the Chief Executive Officer of Jellyvision. Under Amanda’s leadership, Jellyvision has become one of Chicago’s fastest-growing tech companies, adding about 100 employees a year while remaining profitable and cash flow positive. The company has grown to serve hundreds of mostly Fortune 1000 clients with ALEX®, the most helpful employee decision support platform on the planet. Amanda was named CEO of the Year at the Moxie Awards in 2014 and 2015, the Illinois Technology Association’s CEO of the year in 2018, and landed on Crain's Chicago Tech 50 list in 2019 for a third time. She also serves as a board member of SpotHero, KnowledgeHound, NowSecure and the Illinois Technology Association, as a Council Member for the Zell Fellows Program at Kellogg, and as a member of ChicagoNEXT.  Interested in learning more about Pop Pays?Request a demo of our software today to see how it works.

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