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Customize How Your Team Collaborates

by Aana Leech | 6 years ago

Activating campaigns on the Pop Pays platform is quick and easy, but often is done with a team behind the scenes.  There are several team members who contribute to executing a successful brand and creator partnership. We understand that when teams collaborate, everyone plays a different role.  Be it an Agency working with their client, a brand working with their legal team, or simply a brand collaborating with several teammates. We also understand that the more teammates with dashboard logins, the more complicated brief creation, selecting creators, or reviewing content can be when multiple people are taking action at the same time.

This is why we have created the Reviewer Role.  With the Reviewer Role you can provide visibility of campaign progress to all members of your team but limit a users’ ability to take action within the Pop Pays’ platform.  This way you can designate selected team members to handle accepting creators or approving content and still allow others ‘Reviewer access’ to follow along and share feedback without actually altering anything in the platform.

Why we love it:

Ultimately, you decide who is a member and who is a reviewer.  Customize how your team collaborates to engage in productive conversations with a single outcome.

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