Influencer Strategy

How To Outsource Your Content Creation

Today high-quality content creation is an essential aspect of any successful marketing plan. Ninety-two percent of marketers reported […]

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy

How To Measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We live in the age of influencer marketing where big and small brands leverage influencers to achieve their […]

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy

How To Find Micro-Influencers for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Micro-influencers offer an excellent opportunity for brands to connect with their target audience and build trust while promoting […]

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy

7 Powerful Community-Building Strategies

Community-building is an exciting prospect. The simple act of engaging with your audience — and encouraging them to […]

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy

5 Ways to Use Influencers for Brand Awareness

89% of marketers agree that influencer marketing is the most effective channel for customer acquisition; which includes brand […]

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy

How to Find Influencers for Your Brand: 7 Tips & Tools

The influencer marketing industry is set to be worth $15bn next year, and the future of this growing […]

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy

How to Easily Find Effective Instagram Brand Ambassadors?

Knowing how to easily find effective brand ambassadors on Instagram is key to leveraging all of the marketing […]

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy Instagram

How to Find Instagram Influencers

How do you discover the elusive instagram influencer? Hop on a plane to Tulum, Mexico of course. But seriously, read up on our top 5 tips to finding instagram influencers.

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy

How to Use Influencers for a Product Launch

Partnering with influencers is key for product launches as they offer a level of authenticity and relatability brands simply can’t, so teaming with them is one of the best ways to drive awareness efficiently. So much so, 87% of shoppers admit they were inspired by an influencer to make a purchase.

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy

Everything You Need to Know About Influencers and Cannabis

It’s 4-20!  Cannabis’s highest holiday.  Over the last several years, we’ve seen incredible shifts in State and Federal […]

Influencer Marketing Influencer Strategy

Your 2020 Influencer Marketing Strategy

Here at Pop Pays HQ, our customers are constantly asking us to show them better data around the […]

Thought Leadership Influencer Strategy

Fake Followers are Real and Here's How to Deal with Them

Authenticity in Influencer Marketing has been a big story this week. We first heard from Unilever’s CMO, Keith […]

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