Reach Your Target Influencers With Our Influencer Outreach Templates

Strong influencer relationships are key to successful marketing campaigns. Use our influencer outreach templates to start a conversation with your target influencers.

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Reach Your Target Influencers With Our Influencer Outreach Templates
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According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $16.4 billion in 2022 — an increase from $13.8 billion in 2021. These staggering numbers show that influencer marketing works, which is likely why Influencer Marketing Hub also finds that most marketers use it. But how can your brand leverage influencer marketing's power?To start utilizing influencer marketing for your brand, you need to connect with the right influencers and create a mutually beneficial relationship. This will help maximize the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. To help you jumpstart this process, we’ve created influencer outreach templates you can start using today.

Why Influencer Outreach Is Important

In addition to having templates you can use to reach out to influencers, we also encourage you to strategize your outreach process thoughtfully. Not all influencers are created equal, and like any human, they all have strengths and weaknesses. For example, one influencer you find may be better to invite to an event, while another may be better for product feedback.This kind of strategizing is extremely important because it will save you and your team time and increase your chances of getting a response. This is not the time to send out generic messages to every influencer you come across. Opt for personalized emails and direct messages. Taking a little extra time to write each message can help increase open rates.You can learn more about influencer marketing best practices here.

Influencer Outreach Templates

Now, let’s get into some individual outreach templates you can use to engage with your target influencer’s audience more effectively. Below are some excellent templates to get you started with the basics, like how to introduce your brand, establish a relationship, collaborate on giveaways, and more.

Introduction/Relationship Establishment Template

This template is an excellent foundation for your first direct message with an influencer. Whether you’re hoping to eventually ask the influencer to engage in a more in-depth influencer partnership or simply want to connect to widen your pool of influencers for the future, this template can be a great first step to establishing an influencer relationship.Hey [influencer name],I’m [your name], [title] at [company name] and we sell [what you do/sell]. I’ve been following your blog and profile on [social media network(s)] since [date] and love your recent posts on [topic]. [Add one more sentence explaining what you like about their posts/aesthetic].I wanted to get in touch to discuss [topic] in more depth and see if you’re open to collaborating with our brand. We would also love to send you some of our products to try out and share with your audience.Let me know if you’re interested in a collab, and we can set up a time to chat.Thanks![your name]

Product Feedback Template

Giving away free samples of your products to influencers is a vital part of an influencer marketing strategy. 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations, and 40% have purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. Use this template to connect with Instagram influencers, LinkedIn influencers, and beyond for a product feedback initiative.Hey [influencer name],I’m [your name], [title] at [company name] and we sell [what you do/sell]. I’m impressed with your follower count and the brand you’ve created through [social media channel]. I especially love your posts covering [relevant content]. I think our brand has a product that your followers would really appreciate. Would you be willing to test [product] and share a review of it in a video post with your followers? Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in.I look forward to connecting,[your name]

Giveaway Collaboration Pitch Template

Giveaways are another extremely popular strategy for influencer marketing. If your brand is trying to spread the word about a new product or reintroduce a classic product, partnering with an influencer to do a social media giveaway could be quite beneficial. Use this sample template to boost your chances of influencers returning your messages and partnering with your brand.Hey [influencer name],I’m [name] from [brand/company]. We’re working on launching a giveaway with a few select influencers on [social media platform], and we absolutely love your [type of content/topic] content. We think your followers would really enjoy our products, including [list some products you’d use in the giveaway]. If you’re interested in collaborating on this giveaway, we’ll send you a package of our products first so you can get a feel for our brand. Then, if you're on board and think your followers would be interested, we can send you [number] of [product] so you can host a giveaway.Let me know if you’d like to partner with us on this, and we can set up a time to discuss additional details.Thanks![your name]

Event Invite Template

Hosting an event or conference can be an extremely successful way to connect with many social media influencers all at once. These events can also be beneficial to influencers because they can share ideas. It does take a bit more planning than one-off influencer partnerships, but it will be worth it when you come away from the event with a ton of influencer connections for future marketing campaigns! Use this template to send your first event invite for an event or conference.You’re Invited to [brand] 2022 [name of event]!As a successful influencer, you know all about the importance of networking and meeting other influencers and brands, so that’s why we’re hosting [name of event] on [date] at [time]. Come connect with other successful professionals and hear first-hand about innovations and success stories from industry experts. Presenting speakers include [name of speaker] from [brand], [name of speaker] from [brand], and [name of speaker] from [brand].There are limited passes available for influencers to attend, so please let us know as soon as possible if you’re interested in attending. You’ll receive one free pass and a discount code you can share with your followers.Additionally, we’re asking all influencers who plan to attend to spread the word about the event to their followers and share one follow-up post after the event to share their experience.Let us know if we can count you in![your name][your contact information]

Brand Ambassador Template

Having an outside party vouch for your brand can really strengthen your marketing and recruiting efforts! Ambassadors also bring a unique perspective to your brand, which can be vital for your growth. Becoming a brand ambassador can also greatly benefit influencers, as they get product discounts and freebies. Influencers can also leverage brand ambassadorships to build up their own brand through name recognition.Once you identify influencers you could see as brand ambassadors, use this template to reach out to them to gauge their interest and talk details.Hey [influencer name],I’m [your name], [title] at [brand name] and we sell [what you do/sell]. I’ve been following your blog and profile on [social media platform(s)] and love your aesthetic. The way you connect with your followers is impressive, and we think you’d be a perfect fit for our brand ambassador program if this is something you’re interested in.As a [brand name] ambassador, you’d partner with us for various social media campaigns featuring [product name(s)]. We’ll provide you with your own affiliate code that you can share with your followers to get [percentage off/discount] off their first order with [brand name].If this is something you would be interested in, let me know, and we can set up a time to discuss more details.Thanks so much![your name]

Grow Real Relationships With Your Influencers Using an Outreach Tool

Creating relationships with influencers can be a great way to build your brand and connect with your target customer base. To make it even easier to reach out to influencers, you can use an influencer outreach tool like From Popular Pays. From Popular Pays was created with brands like yours in mind. Our platform can help you identify great influencers, reach out to them, communicate about all campaigns, strategize future campaigns, and even track and analyze your success. Request a demo today to learn more about how PopularPays can streamline your influencer marketing efforts.

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