Pop Profile: Sam Klein

The Pop Profile series is a peek into the creative process of some of the most talented people making content on social media.

Meaghan Federspill
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Pop Profile: Sam Klein
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The Pop Profile series is a peek into the creative process of some of the most talented people making content on social media. It’s a chance for them to step out from behind the camera, into the spotlight, and let us pick their brains. This month, we’re talking with Sam Klein.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Klein.

A bit about Sam

Hi, I'm Samantha Klein! I'm a content creator and entrepreneur. I launched a vintage shopping marketplace app a few years ago that I actually recently closed and I also run a soft pretzel delivery business in LA. In my spare time I watch trashy reality tv with my husband and our two corgis on our giant pink couch. When I leave my couch, I love going out to my favorite sushi restaurant or traveling!

Photo courtesy of Samantha Klein for Bob's Red Mill.

Getting started as a content creator

Sort of naturally! I built a community on instagram through my app and started getting offers. Wouldn't say they were all partnerships that were right for me but it made me think I could start pursuing it. I've always struggled with feeling "creative" even though most of my jobs have had a creative aspect. I think I always thought unless I was an artist, I wasn't creative which isn't the case. This has really helped me flex my creativity muscle and feel rewarded when I do!

Photo courtesy of Samantha Klein for Thomas Breads.

Her favorite brand collaboration

I loved getting to do a brand ambassador partnership with Discover Cotton last year. It was a fun three part campaign where I got to have a lot of creative freedom and educate myself and followers on cotton.

On her creative collaboration process with a brand

Usually starts with thinking of a few concepts that work both with my feed and the brand I'm working with. Then I see which they're on board for and depending on next steps, I either practice on my own (for recipes or DIYs) to make sure I am confident with the end result. From start to finish I work off of lists of props that I need, location ideas I jot down etc, until I arrive at my final product!

Photo courtesy of Samantha Klein for Method.

Her advice for getting started as a content creator

Find your unique voice, and don't think too much about what that might be, and just go for it. Don't see what someone else has and try to emulate it because you'll never be anyone but yourself, so capitalize on that! And the other bit of advice is to start creating the content you think would attract brands and post it, even if you don't have gigs yet. Your images are your portfolio and what a brand will decide to hire you from. The majority care more about your work than who you've worked with!

Photo courtesy of Samantha Klein for Rit Dye.

A huge thank you to Sam for sharing her creative process and journey with us. You can keep up with her on her Instagram

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Meaghan Federspill
Meaghan is a professional social-scroller, trend reporter, creative ideator and friendly Senior Creative Strategist at Lightricks.

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