YouTube Demographics to Know

With over 126 million unique monthly viewers, consumers seek out YouTube content that’s informative, entertaining and inspiring.

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YouTube Demographics to Know
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For the longest time, people turned to TV for distinctive needs–entertainment, information, news and motivation. Now that online video has exploded, needs have changed.

With over 126 million unique monthly viewers, consumers seek out YouTube content that’s informative, entertaining and inspiring. Although YouTube viewer demographics fluctuate from time-to-time, we’ve gathered the latest demographics of YouTube users to use as you dive into strategic planning.  

10 YouTube Statistics to Know

  • YouTube has over one billion users, which amounts to almost one-third of the internet.
  • One billion hours of YouTube is watched daily.
  • More than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices.
  • YouTube creators have uploaded more than 50,000 videos with “Day in the Life” in the title.
  • 7 in 10 YouTube viewers use the platform for help with a problem they’re having with their work, studies, or hobbies.
  • More than 70% of people around the world feel empowered, motivated, or confident after learning something new from a YouTube video.
  • 90% of shoppers say they’ve discovered new products and brands on YouTube.
  • 86% of people say they regularly turn to YouTube to learn something new.
  • 55% of shoppers said they search for a product on Google and then head to YouTube to learn more before buying it.
  • 93% of millennials go to YouTube to learn how to do something.
  • 86% of men turn to YouTube for guidance on parenting topics.

YouTube User Demographics by Age

YouTube Gender Demographics

  • 78% of US male adults use YouTube
  • 68% of US female adults use YouTube

Key Takeaways for YouTube

  • Gone are the days of holding onto paper instruction manuals for devices. Who needs paper instructions when you can turn to YouTube to learn how to build a desk or troubleshoot an error message on a device? Consider YouTube when there’s a need to demonstrate how something works.
  • E-commerce has evolved and shifted the way we assess shopping behavior. It’s well known that people read reviews before purchasing large items, especially technology-related items that are expensive. Consider tapping influencers to do unboxing videos and tutorials for projects so consumers can comb through these thorough reviews and feel confident to purchase.
  • There’s no silver bullet for creating YouTube content, and as the demographics of YouTube users fluctuate, it’s best not to alienate any audience. As the second largest search engine, think of your brand’s YouTube content as a resource. It should be helpful, informative or entertaining, and always include a link that drives consumers to your website. If you’re wanting to test and learn, YouTube’s the place for it!

With YouTube, the sky's the limit. Utilize these YouTube demographics to fuel your next social campaign.

Monica Makropoulos
Monica leads the Creative Strategy team and brings social expertise, client experience and positive pep to her work daily.

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